Tell your Story

Everyone has a story.
This is who we are and what we do.



Animation about crowdfunding-platform Lakoob. Lakoob connects people with non-profit organizations to raise and donate funds for their projects.

NHL Hogeschool

NHL University

Inspirational film created for NHL University, showing that you can still chase those childhood dreams.

Who is Motiontales

Tell your story

This animation tells about who we are, what we do and the way we tell stories.

Protest Boardwear

Protest Boardwear

Branding film for Protest, a design-led boardwear company from Holland. Protest helps people to get there.

Kleine Wielen Leeuwarden

Friesland Water Authority

Animation showing which changes are made by The Friesland Water Authority to improve the water quality at nature reserve Kleine Wielen.



What's the secret of great butter? We found out by making a corporate film showing the production process.

EBF Groningen

EBF Groningen

Celine tells about her experience as a member of the Economics and Business student Faculty in Groningen.

Sinja's Artifort Fotoshoot

Fashion Photoshoot

Sinja Bloeme set up a photo shoot for Artifort. Renowned photographer Ralph Lemarechal hit the shutter, while we made this BTS impression.

NHL Hogeschool: Portret

NHL University: Portrait

Bareld is a part-time student at NHL University. How does Bareld combine his study with his family and social life?


Proloog - Millionaire

Proloog asked us to create 4 tv-commercials, in which schoolchildren tell in their own words what they would like to become when they grow up.

PLINT Typestry

PLINT Typestry

PLINT Typestry is a tapestry designed for waiting rooms. It challenges visitors to engage and socialise.

Marktplaats Academie

Marktplaats Academy

Market trader Joop Rooze gives advice on how to sell on trading website Marktplaats, as part of the online Marktplaats Academy.