How we work

In 7 steps, we work towards the end result: a colourful and unique
 animation, which tells your story in an effective and attracting way.

1. Briefing

In order to kickstart the project we come together to exchange ideas on how to tell your story. What is the essence of your message? And how can we translate it into a unique and compelling concept? We also define a basic planning of the project.

2. Concept

In this phase we translate the briefing into a creative concept. Perhaps you already have a text in mind, which can form the basis of the voice-over. No worries, it doesn’t have to be perfect by any means. We work together with professional copywriters to edit and refine, until we have a compelling text, fitting for animation.

3. Script & Storyboard

After approval of the voice-over text, it’s time to craft a storyboard, which gives a great sense of flow and structure of the animation.
In the mean time, we look for a voice-actor fitting the tone-of-voice of the story.

4. Design

We move on to work on the styleframes, which are stills from the final animation. They show the visual style that we will use during the animation phase.

5. Animation

The voice-over has been recorded, the storyboard approved and the visual style worked out. With all that set in stone, it’s time set the story in motion with animation. Exciting stuff!

6. Music and sound design

Though our main work is done, the animation is not yet finished. An audio specialist brings everything to life using sound effects and specially composed music.

7. Delivery

We send you the animation in the desired high quality format, which can be used to publish the animation on your website or social media.

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